The Revolution of Freeskiing

I remember the day when I picked up my first movie with Freeskiing in it was in a little store in Girdwood, Alaska 12 years ago and little did I know the movie would change my life forever.  Mind the Addiction by Teton Gravity Research had many of the riders who became super heroes in the following years like CR Johnson, Jon Olson, Kent Kreitler skiing the biggest gnarliest lines, and sickest tricks in the terrain park in the Tahoe and Jackson Hole area.  Twin tip skis had just come out a few years earlier and the next month I bought my first pair, a pair of K2 min-enemys.

Over the next twelve years I worked as hard as I could to catch up and keep up with the progression of freeskiing, and even got a scholarship to Sugar Bowl Ski Academy where I was fortunate enough to ski every day and compete in big competitions like the US Freeskiing Open, and the Freeskiing World Tour.  I was able to pick up a few sponsors over the years, which really opened my eyes to the business side of  the ski world and inspired me to the fact that I could be involved in skiing for my entire life. This was a big reason why I chose to get my degree in Business Management at the University of Nevada, Reno.  My goal is to meet people in the ski industry as well as passionate skiers in general to be involved with the business side of skiing as well as the competing side.  (I still compete on the Freeskiing World Tour, I plan on attending Snow bird and Kirkwood this year).

The coolest part about growing up with the revolution of freeskiing was watching the progression of it move along as I got older as well over the years, and competing and comparing myself against my biggest heroes.  The progression of halfpipe, big mountain lines, and terrain park has moved at such a rapid rate that it must be the fastest progressing sport out there right now.  Many people don’t know about what skiers can do now and how quickly it has progressed, and I think when skiing halfpipe is in the Olympics for the first time it will finally let the world know what kind of crazy things are going on out there. Freeskiing is sort of a diamond in the ruff for the sports world and is hardly ever on Television, but just watch and see how it will change over the next couple of years.

I have lived the competition and crazy ski life for over a decade, as well as a lot of experience in Business, writing, and sales, and through this blog I plan to meet people in the business world of skiing as well as passionate skiers in general.

If you grew up with the progression of Freeskiing or are interested in the business aspect of Freeskiing please let me know what you think below!!

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