Photo Shoot at Sugar Bowl

Despite a lot of issues with snow this year, this last week of skiing was awesome for those who were willing to venture out and find it. That is exactly what my friend Max, photographer Grant Barta, and myself were determined to do early Friday morning at Sugar Bowl.  Grant is a famous photographer in the Tahoe area taking pictures of all kinds of extreme sports, and has recently started his own magazine the Tahoe Mountain Report.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to shoot with Grant for the last 3 years and it is always an extremely awesome time.

However, on this Friday we only had 3 runs to get as much skiing and photos as possible because Grant had to head off to work, so as soon as the lifts started spinning we were ready to get crazy for the next three runs.  We headed up to the Sister chutes at Sugar Bowl and I was very excited to see that all of the landings were fresh and the cliffs were ready to be launched off of.

The first cliff we jumped off of was approximately 25 feet and I have been dropping it for years, and the landing was just as silky smooth as I remember it.  The second cliff was smaller and about 20 feet and almost as fun as the first. The third was a cliff that I literally haven’t jumped off of for 8 years, but it was basically a chute leading into  a 25 foot cliff, making it much more intimidating.  However, Max and I were able to stomp it just like the other two.  Overall, it was a day I have been waiting for all season because the snow has been so low it is hard to find cliffs to jump off with decent landings and makes me pray for snow harder and harder.

Other good areas I have found this week are the Estelle, Beaver, and Wolverine bowl at Alpine Meadows.  Munchies at Alpine Meadows was also extraordinary for those who were willing to hike even further.  It just goes to show if you are willing to earn your turn it is definitely worth it and powder can be had for days after it dumps.

I will be updating photos, videos, and stories like this throughout the ski season, so let me know what you think below !!

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