Woodward Training Facility complete in Tahoe

Boreal has been hard at work for the last 2 years  building Woodward, the first Indoor ski training facility on the west coast.  This is a facility that I truly wish was around when I was 16 because it would create so many more efficient and safe ways to learn tricks instead of just trying tricks on snow.  There is trampolines, jumps into foam pits, rails, as well as a BMX and skateboard area.  Woodward is truly covering many different aspects of extreme sports, and as the years progress I am sure there is going to be a lot of future talent being trained at this facility.

What makes this facility at such an advantage for the skier or snowboarder in particular is the ability to  practice tricks into foam pits as opposed to just throwing it on park jumps for the first time.  When I was growing up over the last decade we did not have these sorts of advantages to learn tricks (other than the UOP water ramps in Utah), and I remember landing on my back so many times on hard snow before finally learning a trick.  Now there is a much more efficient way to learn tricks without being so hard on the body.  With the advantage of less risk when learning tricks, I have a feeling that many kids in the Tahoe area are going to start throwing some really crazy tricks at a really young age.

Tahoe has needed a facility like this for a long time and I can’t wait to try it out for the first time because there are definitely some new tricks that I would like to try at their facility.  I have a feeling it will also open up some new and unique job opportunities which will help the Freeskier get to be involved with the sport for the rest of their life which is the main reason I began this blog in the first place; to help skiers find ways to be involved in their favorite sport forever.

Let me know about what you think about Camp Woodward coming to Tahoe below!!

2 thoughts on “Woodward Training Facility complete in Tahoe

  1. Awsome news for the west coast freeskiers! specially for the youngbloods! we need to remember that freeskiing is an extreme sport, and you can get injured if you dont practicse your new tricks safetly! this kind of training facilitys is the best way to improve your skills in the terrainpark, as seen in woodward copper mnt, CoC and Windells.

  2. I definitely agree, even though it is more bad ass the way I learned and just chucking tricks on snow, this program is much safer and much more efficient ! Thanks Gonzalo, Andrew

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