Ski Conditions – Alpine Meadows

Every day these last two months that I wake up and see sun I am instantly upset.  However, today I woke up and looked out my window in Truckee, CA and couldn’t believe my eyes….half a foot of snow!!! With the conditions in Tahoe being so bad this year it was really quite a shock because I did not check the weather forecast which has been a common thing this year for me with such bad conditions.  However, I skiid all weekend as well and since it was so icy these last few days I knew the skiing conditions were going to be dust on crust.

Sure enough, my first run at Alpine Meadows down Beaver Bowl today was literally the definition of dust on crust.  The first turn I took on the super light snow I sunk straight to the bottom and hit ice.  The whole run was super super rough to ski, however my friends and I were not about to give up on the first run.  Next, we decided to do the 15 minute traverse over to Arts nob to see what it had to offer.

As soon as we dropped in to Arts nob I knew we made the right decision.  The snow had blown in there really well so it was deeper than the rest of the mountain and we didn’t sink in enough to hit the hard ice below.  Long awaited powder shots to the face in Tahoe this year were spraying me in the face all the way down and all I could hear were my friends and I screaming for joy.  We repeated this all day ( with a few Promised Land laps in between ) and just appreciated being able to ski some powder since it has been so rare in Lake Tahoe this year.

Keep updated for more Skiing Stories, Conditions, and ways to be involved in skiing for your whole life!!

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