Off to Freeskiing World Tour: Snowbird

Tomorrow I am off to Utah for my third appearance at the Freeskiing World Tour in Snowbird.  For those of you who don’t know what the Freeskiing World Tour is, it is a Big Mountain Freeskiing Competition that has 7 stops every year in North and South America and was established in 1998. I will go into further detail of how the Freeskiing World Tour Works below. Dozens of professionals have been created by winning the competition and I have personally competed at a number of stops almost every year since I was 16 in 2005.  (personal best being 7th place in 2006).  First place this year gets $5,000 dollars and a lot of prestige in the Freeskiing World.

The Freeskiing World Tour in Snowbird is organized into 6 days. The first day is registration and inspection of the big mountain venue.  This requires looking for the line through the mountain you will ski, which cliffs to jump off of, and which chutes and exposure to ski through you think will impress the judges the most.  This will be on March 14th.  Then there is two days of qualifiers to determine who will make it to semi-finals, and many skiers will be cut in this stage depending upon what the judges are feeling.  Then even more skiers will be cut and about 15 skiers will be able to ski in the finals in a new venue with multiple new variables to ski down.  The last two days are there in case there is a lot of weather and the competition needs to be postponed. There are 3 judges and a head judge, who all have experience competing or are famous skiers in general.

The layout of how the judges determine who the best freeskier on the mountain is separated into these categories.

Line: Competitors choose their line or route down the venue. Difficulty is determined by steepness, exposure, air, snow and venue conditions. 

Control: How much control the skier shows throughout the whole run down the venue.

Fluidity: How fluid the skier is down the entire venue, and has a constant direction towards a goal.  Making sure to keep moving down the mountain without stopping.

Technique: The overall technique of the skier which includes body stance, comfort, and overall ability to make it down the mountain confidently.

Style: Includes tricks and grabs off cliffs as well as creativity and aggression throughout the entire run. 

The skier with the highest score out of 1 to 10 in each category out of a score of 50 will win the run, and the entire event if their points add up to the highest in the final round (which is composed of two runs).

Overall, I am always very excited to compete, and I have built up a lot of confidence which means I am ready to do my best in this competition.  Hopefully I will do well, but if not it is always a lot of fun!

Stay in touch to learn what happens and check out for more information!!!


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