Alpine Meadows Update


Finally, Tahoe has been getting hit with a large amount of snow and the enthusiasm shows with the amount of people at Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, CA.  Stop and go traffic was the story into Squaw today, but I don’t know how the skiing was because I passed that cayoss to go ski at Alpine Meadows which was glorious.

It was definitely advantageous to get to Alpine early today before 9 oclock because of the amount of anxious powder hounds and as the day got later on, the snow got heavier and less forgiving but still super fun to ski.  If you are in to jumping off cliffs, today was a good day because it was perfect stomping snow conditions where the snow collapses under your feet enough but not to far to where you can just stomp cliffs.  For the less experienced skiers riding around today it still seemed like a smooth ride.

For those who are interested in exploring the backcountry recently, it is obvious by the latest news stories that one should be extremely cautious because of avalanche conditions.  Today I went on a Munchkins run which is on the backside of Alpine Meadows off of Scott chair and with a bit of hiking it reaps a glorious reward of untracked powder.  To get home requires hitch hiking up Alpine Meadows road, where if you get there early enough in the day getting a ride home is not usually a problem.  The snow was super super deep all of the way down as you can see with the pictures posted and super heavy in many spots making it sometimes difficult.

My Girlfriend Deep in Snow on Munchies

I dropped off a few decent sized cliffs today, and saw many bomb holes from others with rocks underneath so it is still advised to be careful that there are still unexpected rocks underneath some cliff drops because of low snow conditions this year.  Be careful of avalanches as well and always be prepared.

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