Ski Conditions at Alpine and Squaw

For those who were out there facing blizzards all day in the reward for powder on Wednesday, knew that Thursday was going to be a glorious day for blue bird skiing based upon weather reports and the amount of snow being dumped on Wednesday.

Thursday proved to be a perfect day for skiing pow.  The sky was blue, the gapers were stuck at work in San Francisco so they could not crowd the slopes, and the snow was classic sierra cement.  However, even though it was the classic sierra cement, it proved to be good stomping snow for those who were out there dropping cliffs.

My friends and I jumped off all of our favorite cliffs all over the mountain, and with a few successes and a few crashes it overall proved to be a very fun day.  Estelle bowl had a good variety of steep style Alaska lines which I filmed with my Go Pro camera and plan on posting to the blog in the near future so stay tuned for footage!!

As the temperatures heated up today the snow was super sloppy, however Cork Screw on Granite Chief at Squaw was high enough in altitude that the snow was still very fun to ski.  The lower elevations proved to be very sloppy snow, however it seems like we should be getting more snow tonight and in to tomorrow, so Monday might be another blue bird powder day.   Stay tuned for video and photos as the week unfolds!!!

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