Flyin Ryan Foundation

Flyin Ryan Foundation

This year at the Snowbird stop of the Freeskiing World Tour, the father of Ryan Hawkes, Peter Hawkes, had an important message to pass across.  The message he passed across he called not a sermon, but close to it.  Ryan Hawkes, his son, was an extreme freeskier and athlete in general who competed on the Freeskiing World Tour.  Last year, he crashed in the Kirkwood stop in the Cirqure venue and succumbed to the injuries.


Peter announced at the Snowbird stop of the Freeskiing World Tour that there are three aspects that a competitor must accomplish before being able to perform at their best in any sport.  These three aspects of competition include:


1.) Preparation physically of the body to be able to compete in the sport you are                        involved in.


2.) Preparation of the gear you are using to make sure you are comfortable with it,         and it is working properly.


3.) To be prepared mentally and confident in your ability, as well as its limits.     This is what Peter refers to as the most important aspect of competing in the         Freeskiing World Tour as well as any competitive extreme event.


Peter stressed that in competitive extreme sports that there should not be a decision of risk versus reward.  The rider or athlete should be completely confident of their ability to conquer their goal they are trying to accomplish, and if something looks to gnarly for their ability, they should back out of the situation because it is not worth the risk of hurting oneself versus getting a better score in a competition.


In my opinion, this is a very valid point but in the Freeskiing world there is no guarantee that everything you ski is going to go well even if you are confident in your ability to ski a certain part of the mountain.  There is no way to completely deny the risk versus reward factor, but one should never try and out ski their ability beyond their realm of comfort.


Peter stressed the importance of being passionate about the sport you are competing in as being far more important than results or popularity.  He says, “No one gives a shit how you get down that mountain other than you!” This is to stress the importance of being passionate about the sport as opposed to worrying about competition results or becoming famous in the freeskiing world. This is why Peter started the Flyin Ryan foundation.  The Flyin Ryan Foundation is a non-profit foundation that sponsors athletes that are truly passionate about skiing and need some help with competition funds or anything to help pursue their freeskiing career.


Ryan Hawkes lived on 13 principles that have become the vision of the Ryan Hawkes foundation than anyone should live by and are vital to having a happy and successful life.  These 13 principles are….


  • Live every day, all day
  • Never stop exploring life
  • Never lose my adventuresome attitude
  • Be the best friend I can be
  • Be the best brother, son, uncle I can
  • Look out for others
  • Look out for myself
  • Look out for our surroundings
  • Be self-sufficient
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Work hard
  • Live easy
  • Live simply

Those who are interested in applying for a Flyin Ryan scholarship can visit for more information!




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