Twisted Sisters Returns to Kirkwood

Last year was the creation of a unique freeskiing event, the Twisted Sisters, which takes place at Kirkwood, California.  This year 4frnt skis, the creator, is bringing it back on April 14th to 15th and I am extremely excited because my experience at the event last year was one of the best I have encountered over a decade of competing in various freeskiing competitions.

The Twisted Sisters event takes place in the Sisters run at the Kirkwood Ski Resort, one of the premier resorts for freeskiing events including the Freeskiing World Tour which is taking place this week.  It is a unique combination of a slopestyle event and a big mountain freeskiing event because jumps are built on the top of cliffs, and there is still the fun of skiing through chutes and finding a creative line, with additional jumps at the bottom as well.  Last year it was judged by some legendary skiers including Skogan Sprang, and Pep Fujas, and I hope they return again this year because their expertise in the sport is really appreciated.

What was also unique about the event is the ability to be able to ski the venue before the competition starts.  In competitions like the Freeskiing World Tour you are not allowed to hit anything because landings below the cliffs need to be preserved, which is understandable.  However, in my opinion, dozens of people are going to be hitting the cliffs anyways so it is nice at the Twisted Sisters venue that you can actually throw tricks off the features and test them out before throwing your body off something you haven’t even jumped off yet.  There is also the advantage of being able to ski two runs, so if you fail on the first run you still have the second run to make up for it.

Overall, the event is full of good vibes with everyone having an extremely good time, supporting each other, and overall excited to be out there skiing in the unique fun event.  Stay tuned to see how I do in this competition as well as the Freeskiing World Tour which are both within the next two weeks at Kirkwood!!!


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