Twisted Sisters Day 1

Today I competed in the Twisted Sisters Event at Kirkwood, California.  Last year it was in the Sisters run at Kirkwood, but this year it was changed to the Cirque which is closed off to the general public but open for competitors in this event.  Other events that have made this venue famous is the North Face Masters and the Freeskiing World Tour.  ( See below for further description on the Twisted Sisters Event format ). 

It was a perfect day to compete in the Cirque, with no snow this year it decided to dump about three feet this week before the event, and the run was open to competitors only.  Inspection occurred as the jumps were being built at the same time, but there was plenty of time to choose a line to compete in.  As I mentioned earlier there were two runs per competitor, and then the top 5 went to a super final where there are two more runs.  Jumps were built off of pretty much every cliff, as well as a jump in the middle of the Cirque, with a few jumps through the trees at the end. 

My first run I crashed off of the first cliff I jumped off of, but I took advantage of the rest of the course on the way down to test out the features and throw a backflip off the features I havent even hit yet.  My second run I chose a different cliff to jump off of and stomped it and went straight into a kicker that was built and threw a backflip and stomped it, and finally I ended up on a kicker at the end where I just threw a tail grab over some trees and landed, but in the end of the run I hit a rock and a flat section and crashed 100 feet before the finish line so it was game over for me. 

However, three of my friends made it into the finals Evan Haines, Sugs Dorzynski, and Scott Pollman and they all went to the super final which was a super fun show.  Sugs threw left and right side 360s off cliffs and jumps all the way down the mountain with super good style and ended up winning a year long sponsorship with 4frnt skis! Scott Pollman went for the double backflip off of the lippiest kicker on the course and ended up crashing but it definitely was the gnarliest trick attempt of the day.  Evan Haines ended up 5th with super smooth skiing on double stagers and 360s at the bottom. 

Tommorow is Day 2 of the Twisted Sisters and round 2 in the Cirque, so good luck too all my friends in the Cirque!!!

Also, thanks again to 4frnt skis for holding the funnest event of the year again!!

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