Squaw and Alpine connected for the first time by Cat Track

White Wolf Area

Today was supposed to be the first day where a cat track was to be plowed to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for the first time because they have recently joined forces.  This has been postponed until tomorrow but it is an even that should not be missed.  Skiers temporarily at Squaw can now start at the top of KT-22 and then ski down the backside which leads into the skiers right boundaries of the White Wolf area and then to a couple hundred yards before the entrance to the Alpine Meadows ski lodge.

While it won’t be that amazing of skiing if skiers are required to stay on the cat track, it will still be fun to say that you were there on the first day that it was possible to ski the first cat track that links Squaw Valley to Alpine and may be the first step towards permanently combining the resorts in this fashion.  Either way, shout out to Squaw Valley and Alpine for making attempts to show Tahoe that it is possible and may one day be a permanent aspect of these resorts.

Also Shout out to Troy Caldwell who owns the White Wolf land and is the one who is actually responsible for plowing the cat track for skiers to be able to explore the area.  While I am not sure if skiers are going to be allowed to ski all over the White Wolf area which has a bunch of different cliffs and chutes, it would definitely be a plus to this area being open legally for the first time ever.

So any skiers who want to be there on the first day where Squaw and Alpine are connected by a cat track, I recommend waxing your skis to be prepared for the slush and to head up to the top of KT to be there on a legendary day for these two ski resorts.

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