Alpine Meadows Update

Alpine 2 days ago

Once again, after Tahoe finally receives a series of storms to bring us some amazing snow for a week, we are back to a warm weather cycle which turned all of the remaining good snow in to slush.  This has happened after pretty much every storm this year, so those who weren’t out there slaying lines last week or stuck in the office have already missed out on all of the good snow.  I skiid Alpine yesterday and the snow has already turned to slop and impossible to glide smoothly through without a fresh layer of wax.

Beaver Bowl all the way down to Estelle looked glorious to ski, however after dropping in it was obvious that it was easy to go over the handle bars because of the sticky snow.  At the bottom of Alpine it says on a sign that they are doing their best to open certain runs at certain times in order to preserve and create quality corn snow which is some of the funnest snow to ski other than powder.  However, I am still praying that it will still dump some more because I am starting to freak out that it is going to be the end of ski season pretty soon which is always the worst day of the year for me and many other people.

As the season comes closer to the end, I am very glad that we got as much snow in March and April as we did because it almost made up for the lack of snow earlier in the year.  Alpine Meadows is definitely one of my favorite places to ski on a powder day because it is less crowded and there are so many fun cliffs that are hidden that don’t get bombed out right away like they would at Squaw.  It is interesting how many people still rush to Squaw first thing in the morning on a powder day where they have to wait in long lift lines, when there is barely a line at Alpine.

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