Making Your Job Work Around Skiing

Anyone who is obsessed with skiing manages to work their schedule around being able to ski as many days as possible including working around their job, school, family, or life in general but there are many different ways to make it work.  Apart from working in the ski industry, as I have written about in several other blog posts, there are many ways to work your skiing schedule around your job.

The Summer Worker

There are some jobs out there that one can make enough to last them the whole ski season.  For example, working long hours in construction and building up overtime means lots of cash to save for the winter, but no summer life in sacrifice for winter.  Another job that many local riders do is get into the logging, and landscaping industries.  Pretty much any job where you can rake in a lot of hours and high wages, but it is really hard to pull off for many. 

The Summer and Winter Worker:

Then there are those who work in the summer, as well as the winter but their winter schedule is based around their skiing.  There are many nighttime jobs that one can ski all day, and then go to work at night.  These jobs include bartending, serving, delivering pizzas, working with dogs, or just any job that can be done at night time so the skier can be out on the mountain all day.  Another job that many do to be able to ski and work at the same time is coaching.  See my earlier post about coaching for more detail, but it is a great way to utilize skiing and working at the same time. 

Skiers will find any way to ski as much as they can, and that means they have to find ways to make it work around their schedule, so stay tuned as I post more about jobs in the ski industry to make it a lifestyle, or to be able to work and ski as much as possible!!

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