Drink Water not Energy drinks in Extreme Sports?

How many times have you seen a competitor in the X-games, Dew Tour, or any big extreme sport event get to the bottom of the course and have either an energy drink sticker on their helmet or take a big swig of their sponsor in front of the camera? For those who watch extreme sports often or participate in them personally, the answer is quite often will you see athletes flashing the logos of energy drinks which may not always be the healthiest for riders. I personally do not have anything against these sorts of promotions of energy drinks being a business major and understanding that this is a good way to get their products promoted and to help promote extreme sports athletes, as well as the benefit of getting a little more focused and alert after consuming the products on the hill.

However, according to some people, like the creators of www.wedrinkwater.com Austin Smith and Brian Fox, things should be reversed and people should go back to drinking water to nourish their cravings on a hard day of riding.  The benefits of water are obvious that you avoid harmful products like high fructose corn syrup, sodium, and other mystery products that people are starting to depend on when under extreme conditions in no matter what sport you are participating in.  Energy drinks do give an extra boost sometimes that water cannot provide as well so the debate is controversial to how much drinking energy drinks during sports can be beneficial or harmful to the consumer.

www.wedrinkwater.com donates ten percent of their sales of shirts and jackets to people who need better access to cleaner drinking water around the world because currently 1 out of 8 people do not have access to clean drinking water all of the time.  So check out their website and check out their products because you are donating to a good cause!

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