Go Pro and other Personal HD cameras

Go pro cameras are a great way to replay your day whether you are freeskiing around the mountain or doing any other type is extreme sport. The popularity of Go Pro has grown exponentially over the last couple if years and it is obvious that it is going to continue to grow because the number of people from beginners to pros has exploded with many riders reposing their camera around the mountain.

It is always super fun to replay your favorite jumps or cliff drops of the day when you get home and many times can also be utilized as a tool to get better at riding because you can see what you did wrong.  Go Pro shots also make super cool extreme sports edits, and an example of this can be seen in the about me section o my blog.

Due to increased popularity, other companies have been penetrating the market of HD personal helmet cameras.  These companies include Replay HD who currently sponsor the Freeskiing World Tour, and Contour.   There are also other smaller companies that I have seen pop up around ski shops in Europe when I was skiing there earlier this winter.  Go Pro now offers a feature that others don’t where you can see what you are filming with a little screen panel located on the back of the camera which allows the user to better align their shots for accuracy.

So for those of you who don’t own a personal HD camera for riding, save up some money and get one!!


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