Staches for Snow and Braids for Blizzards

Staches for snow
The snow depth in the Lake Tahoe area ranges from 18 inches to 34 inches, depending on the ski resort and snowmaking operations ability.  This is dismal and disappointing for all of the powder hounds and riders who want more variation than just a few crowded runs.  Many riders are going to desperate measures like burning their skis in a bonfire to coming up with crazy dances on top of the mountain.

Its not just the powder hounds who are struggling through this lack of snow, most of the business and ski resorts are struggling to make their annual revenue which is largely made during the winter months.  Plump Jacks in Squaw Valley has come up with their own way to pray to the snow gods by having their male employees grow mustaches, and having the girls twist braids.  These superstitions may sound silly but it gives the employees who chose to work and live the lifestyle hope that they will get to ski more than groomed runs, and then make more money when they get off the hill and go to work.

So if you live in Tahoe or any place that isn’t getting enough snow, then join the cause and grow a mustache or twist your hair into a braid to encourage the snow gods to finally give us some weather!

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