The Twisted Sisters now the Twisted Cirque??

First I heard the rumor that the Twisted Sisters competition in Kirkwood, CA might be in a different venue this year, due to lack of snow.  (To find out what the Twisted Sisters competition is see a few blogs below).  Then I examined the Sisters venue for myself when I was competing on the Freeskiing World Tour this weekend, and noticed that it would be tough to have a competition in this venue because of lack of snow makes a series of chutes with not very many cliffs to jump off of.

Then….I heard another rumor, that the event this year might take place in the infamous left side of the cirque (see picture above), which would be absolutely amazing in my opinion, especially since I was 4 people short of qualifying on the Freeskiing World Tour last week to be able to ski this venue.  If the competition is in the Cirque it will be a completely different ball game, and may be one of the most progressive Freeskiing competitions to date.

As you can see in the picture above, The Cirque is filled with options of chutes, cliffs, exposure, and now possibly jumps built right in the middle of the entire venue making it a more similar event to the extremeness of the Red Bull Cold Rush event which took place earlier this year.  This means a combination of big cliffs with jumps off of them, and back country kickers, as well as chutes in between.  Holding this event in the Cirque would create a much greater variety of lines, crowd pleasers, big airs, and just overall a whole new level of insaneness.

For those who love skiing big mountain and park like me, this is definitely not a competition you want to miss.  If the rumors are true and it’s in the Cirque, there is going to be some insane footage, lines, and big airs with huge tricks.  It may come down to whether there is enough patrol to make the venue safe, but if their is, lets all hope that this Saturday there is going to be some sweet stuff to compete in this weekend.  Either way, this even it one of my favorites as I mentioned earlier and I can’t wait !!  Stay tuned to see results, and if the venue is actually in the Cirque!!

Shout outs to 4FRNT, High Fives, and all the sponsors of this event for all their hard work and making it a fun and unique Freeskiing competition experience!

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